Investigation Report Template

By | August 25, 2016

Do you work in a stressful situation, which requires you to analyze an event and investigate it to the fullest? Using the investigation report template can be immensely beneficial for law enforcement professionals and will give them the ability to keep track of all key details related to a specific event. Of course, this document may also be used by researchers and medical professionals as well. The possibilities are nearly endless.

What It Entails

In order to make sure your report is sufficient and beneficial for all involved, it is vital to have a few key details clearly laid out. First and foremost, the case should be easily identifiable. Include information, such as your name, the date of the event, and the case number assigned to the situation in question. Once this basic information is listed, you should add great detail regarding the allegation and the subject of those allegations. And of course, it is wise to include information about the outcome of your investigation and any interview that has been conducted.

End With Recommendations

Since you were responsible for the investigation, you will know more than anyone else. Therefore, you should make sure to end the report with a recommendation or two. Should the subject be charged? What changes can be implemented to prevent another similar incident from occurring? Ending your report with this will help to make it more impactful for the case!


Investigation Report Template