Two Weeks Notice Letter

By | July 28, 2016

So, you are quitting your job and moving on to bigger and better things? Perhaps, you already have a new job lined up. Maybe not, whatever the situation might be it is imperative that you leave your job on good terms so that you can get a good recommendation for your next employer. This is where the two weeks notice letter comes in handy. This letter will inform you boss that you are quitting and give them suitable time to start looking for a replacement.

Making A Clear Statement

The first line of your letter should give your boss clear consent that you are quitting your job. Do not use any word that might give your boss the impression that you will be willing to stay on for extra time. A good example would be, Dear Boss, This letter serves as an official notice that I will be resigning from my position at (Company Name) on this date.

Avoid Leaving Reasons

In your letter it is always best to leave out reasons for quitting your position. However, your boss is more than likely going to approach you and ask you about the reasons that you are quitting, so it will be best to be prepared to explain. Just make sure you leave this information out of your notice.


Two Weeks Notice Letter