2017 Calendar Template

By | August 5, 2016

Wow! 2016 is nearly over and a new year is right around the corner. Once you’ve entered the new year, you’ll want to throw out your older calendar and upgrade to one that is more current. Although you could accomplish this goal by purchasing a calendar from your local retail store, you may also want to download a 2017 calendar template and configure your own. It is possible to achieve many things with this template and some of the most beneficial include fundraising and giving a gift to a loved one.

2017 Fundraising

If you happen to run a charitable organization, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to get others to donate their money to your cause. Thankfully, most people are willing to give as long as they get something in return. By using the template, you will be able to craft a charming calendar that people will actually want to buy. Then, you can use the money earned for your charity.

As A Gift

Everyone needs a calendar and this includes your loved ones. By getting creative, you’ll be able to craft a unique calendar, which incorporates pictures of yourself, your family, and your loved one. Then, the calendar can be given as a gift to that special person in your life. Alternatively, you can also spice things up and transform the calendar into a gag gift of sorts. Truly, the possibilities are endless.


2017 calendar template