Notebook Paper Template

By | August 3, 2016

When writing a story or crafting a letter, a lot of people will feel more comfortable, if they’re able to work with a piece of notebook paper. This is no coincidence. Notebook paper is frequently utilized within educational settings and you’ll become comfortable and familiar with it over a period of time. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to transform your computer screen into a piece of notebook paper, unless you’re willing to utilize a notebook paper template. Below, you’ll learn more about this document and its layout.

Its Layout

It is nearly impossible to go through school and never encounter a piece of notebook paper. This type of paper is easily identifiable, since it contains some distinctive features. First and foremost, it’ll contain equally spaced horizontal lines from the top to the bottom. The paper will also contain a big red line on the left hand side. This serves as the border and lets you know precisely where to start writing.

Consider Punch Holes

When using one of these templates in Microsoft Word, you may want to find a template, which has punch holes on the left hand side. If you do, you’ll be able to print off the paper and use a hole punch to make strategically placed holes within the paper. Once this is done, the paper will fit within a binder or notebook, so you’ll be able to keep it safe and protected.


Notebook paper template