Packing List Template

By | March 23, 2016

Life is full of many uncertainties and unexpected events. One of the most stressful and difficult to cope with is undoubtedly relocating from one location to the next. This type of situation can really try a person’s nerves and patience. Not only will you be required to book a moving truck, but also you’ll need to pack up your belongings and prepare them for transportation. The process is truly easier said than done, which is why it is a good idea to utilize a packing list template. What is it and how can it be used? You’ll find out below!

The Basics

Before getting into the uses of the packing list template, it is a good idea to figure out precisely what it is. Truthfully, the document couldn’t be more simplistic. Mainly, it lists all of the items, which have been placed in a box or boxes. The document may also provide a description for each item, as well as the quantity count. Depending on how the template is used, it can also contain shipping information.

For Business Purposes

Although it is possible to use the packing list for personal reasons, many businesses and corporations will agree that the document is immensely helpful in certain scenarios. For instance, the packing list can be used in place of a shipping slip or invoice. In this situation, the document will also include the consumer’s billing and shipping address. It’ll also display the shipping date, terms and tracking numbers for all boxes shipped to the consumer. This can help to ensure that the company ships out precisely what the customer ordered. If any mistakes are made, the customer will be able to refer to the list and notify the company, without further complications.

Moving And Vacation

There is truly an assortment of different person purposes for the packing list. Of course, the most common are a relocation and going on a vacation. In both scenarios, the mover or vacationer is required to carefully pack their belongings, so they can prepare for the trip ahead. If they forget something at home, their vacation experience might not be so pleasant. With the packing list, you’ll be able to compile a list of items, which must be brought along. During the packing process, you’ll be able to check off items, which have been added to your luggage. Following this procedure and utilizing the packing list will help to ensure that nothing important is left at home.

In terms of relocating, the packing list can also be used to help you keep everything sorted. You can place a label on each of your boxes and note this on the packing list, so you’ll know precisely where each of your items has been stored. This will make it much easier to scour through your boxes and find your shampoo, soap or some other necessity, if necessary.


All in all, the packing list can be very helpful for a wide variety of individuals. If you want to ensure that the right items are packed or shipped, you should print off the template immediately and use it yourself!


Packing List Template