Sample Salary Survey Template

By | July 23, 2016

Over the past few years, there has been a major debate regarding worker wages. Some feel that certain groups of people tend to be pair more than others and vice versa. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but there are a few ways to ensure companies are paying their employees appropriately for the work that is completed. Many experts recommend utilizing a salary survey to analyze an organization’s payment performance. Of course, this isn’t the only type of information that can be obtained by utilizing a sample salary survey template. Continue reading below to find out more.

What Is It?

Before moving forward, it is wise to learn about the basics of the salary survey. What is it exactly? Well, as the name implies, the document is a survey or questionnaire, which must be filled out by the company in question. Generally, it will be the company’s human resources manager, who is responsible, since this individual is most knowledge regarding the company’s pay structure. Many times, the document will be distributed to more than a single company, as a way to determine the median pay for one or more jobs.

All in all, the main purpose of the salary survey is to identify the average pay for a specific profession. However, it can also cover additional jobs, various industries, and even geographical locations.

What Data Can Be Obtained?

When it comes down to it, this specific document can be utilized by acquire a substantial amount of diverse information. By altering the questions, you’ll be able to learn whatever you wish to know. Some of the most common reasons for using the survey is to acquire information regarding base salaries, payment increases, salary ranges, and even starting salary. If the right questions are added, the surveyor will also be able to collect information regarding employee benefits, bonuses, working hours, and working conditions. There are numerous organizations, which carry out these surveys on a regular basis.

Governmental groups, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, commonly use this document. Also, the ACA, NACUBO, and the Society for Human Resource Management frequently use salary surveys to gain further insight into professional wages and their growth over a period of time.

Structuring Your Salary Survey

Before moving forward, it is essential to know precisely what you wish to achieve from your survey. What field do you wish to investigate? Which job title do you have in mind? If you intend to survey printing companies, you may want to analyze the wages of the Press Operator or the Binding Machine Operator. However, if you want to conduct a study regarding banks, you may want to examine the wags for Tellers and Cashiers.

You’ll also want to take the time to carefully craft your questions. You should also set a goal for your survey. How many results would you like to collect, before analyzing and reporting the results? A larger base will most likely provide you with a more accurate answer, but you need to be realistic with your budget and time schedule. Make sure you know what you want and when you want it, before you begin distributing your survey to businesses.


Salary Survey Template