Student Attendance Record

By | March 20, 2017

As a teacher, you will likely have hundreds of students a day that you need to keep track of. It would be almost impossible to commit to memory who showed up for class and who did not. This is why you need a little tool to help you out, and there simply is no better tool for this project than a student attendance record.

What Does This Document Do?

This document is a type of template that allows teachers to keep track of student’s attendance. They can be customized to track the daily attendance, weekly, monthly, or even yearly attendance of students. Teachers usually download these documents to their computer and run them Windows Excel.

What Information Is Included?

There are tons of different free templates available. It is highly likely that none of them will contain the same information, but all of them will contain similar information. However, they are all completely customizable, so they can be changed to specifically suit your needs. Most of the time there will be a column for the student’s name, the name of the class, the date, the time, and a place to record the student’s attendance. Some many contain additional information and others may not.

Microsoft Excel Preview

Student Attendance Record

Student Attendance Record